About Us

As legends have it, Tamil Nadu's tryst with gold dates back to several centuries. Gold has always figured in the history of this culture- rich state and has been assigned a value which goes beyond an ornamental yellow metal. The story of Harris Nadar is no different. It was more of an unflinching commitment than a fortunate turn of events which made a small custom-jeweler emerge as an out-of the lip name for trust, quality and impeccable craftsmanship. As early as the year 1940, Late Mr. Harris Nadar opened a small outlet for custom designed jewelry. This in itself was a challenging endeavor considering that the outlet was at a remote town of Palliyadi and sourcing quality gold was nearest to impossible. Braving such adversities, he went ahead resolve d to provide quality custom-designed gold jewelry to customers who deserved nothing less. Indeed the beginning of a golden age for connoisseurs of pure gold, it hardly took more than a while for Harris Nadar to establish as an undisputed leader in providing designer gold.